1500 Series - 3 Piece Cryogenic Ball Valve
1500 Series - 3 Piece Cryogenic Ball Valve
The AVCO 1500 series ball valve brings all the features and benefits of our 1100 series valve to the cryogenic market. Designed in accordance with ASME B16.34 it incorporates a single piece cryo bonnet extension bolted to the main valve body. The valve is available off the shelf or with customized bonnet lengths to give greater flexibility and ensure the operator is at a sufficient distance from the pipeline. The seal between the bonnet and valve is achieved with an engineered Flexitallic spiral wound gasket. The cryogenic bonnet houses an extended stem and, unlike most valve manufacturers, the valve stem has double packing/sealing whilst maintaining blow out prevention. The upper mount pad complies with ISO 5211 and also gives positive travel stops and lock off. Inter-changeability enables this valve to be supplied in three (3) way versions with bottom or side entry ports and as a Vee ported cryogenic control valve. Ideally suited to the aerospace, petro-chemical, liquid nitrogen (LNG) and liquid oxygen markets, this valve meets all your requirements.
1/4"- 4" (Full Port)
Valve Body Materials
316 Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Hastelloy C
Monel 400
Alloy 20
Ball Configuration Options
90░ or 180░ Bottom Entry Diverter
90░ Side Entry Diverter
15░, 30░, 45░ or 60░ Vee Port
Hardened and Lapped
End Connections
Butt Weld
Socket Weld
Flanged: 150#, 300#, 600#
Service Applications
Cryogenic Service
Food Processing
Liquid H2
Liquid N2
Custom Bonnet Length
Fire Safe
Purge Ports
Cavity Filled Seats
Mechanical Polish to 10 Ra
O2 Cleaned and Bagged
Valve Actuation
Electric Actuator
Pneumatic Acuator
Oval Handle
Stem Extensions
Fusible Link
Locking Device
Gear Operators
Wing Handle

Engineering assistance is available for product selection, system control and valve actuation.