The AVCO 1500 series Cryo ball valve performs in the Cryogenic market

The Alloy Valves and Control (AVCO) 1500 series cryogenic ball valve is designed and engineered to handle extreme low temperatures for cryogenic fluids such as liquid oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen  to -320oF (-196oC).  Gas Separation plants, Food Processing, Aerospace and Petrochemical plants are just a few industries where this unique valve is used.  The AVCO Cryo valve is versatile in design and able to isolate, control and divert liquid and gaseous media for terminal, storage, transportation or process piping facilities.

The AVCO Cryogenic ball valve is superior in design due to the dual stem seal, extended bonnet in a bolt-on construction.  The extension varies in size from 6” (150mm) to any customer specified length and the stem shaft consists of a live-loaded stem assembly with packing at the base of the bonnet and the top where the handle is located.  It is the “dual stem seal” technology for cryogenic service which separates us from our competitors.  The 316SS stem shaft has an Anti-Static (grounded) feature to overcome any electrical charge of non-grounded equipment and maintain stem contact with the valve body at all times due to it being spring loaded.  The valve also comes in fire safe design with graphite sealing material to conform to API 607.  The bonnet has an ISO 5211 mount pad for easier automation by way of manual, pneumatic or electric actuation for on/off and modulating applications.

The 1500 series has a three (3) piece valve body which allows maintenance to be performed on the seats, seals and ball whilst the end caps are in-line.  The ball is unidirectional due to vented relief on the upstream side of flow to eliminate pressure build up in the ball cavity due to thermal expansion.   Anti-vibration washers are provided on the body bolts of the valve to control expansion and contraction motion due to temperature variations and thereby maintain bolt tightness, thus preventing potential leakage.  The valve body construction is made of cast 316 stainless steel (CF8M) and we offer pressure ranges of ASME class 150 through 600 with any end connection design for standard or specialty type request, for example, tube connection are offered.  Typically the valve is offered with butt weld, socket weld, NPT, BSP and flush bottom tank pad end styles.

The AVCO 1500 series adheres to the industry standards of ASME B16.34, API 598 and API 607 4th edition, thus leading to high quality products of which the cryogenic market demands.  Due to the increasing demand of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) nationally and globally and the increase in Ultra High Purity cryo systems for the semiconductor market, our cryogenic ball valves are available to ship in less than a week due to AVCO’s abundant stock in California.  Industrial gas producers such as Linde (BOC), Air Products and Chemicals and Praxair are just some of the companies who have inquired or purchased from AVCO.

Upon request, AVCO offers “Oxygen cleaning” to clean and degrease valve components and eliminate potential residue that may cause contamination in piping circuits.  The cleaning removes oil, grease, paint, particulates, inorganic or organic contaminates.  Furthermore, to maintain cleanliness of the valve or valve components, it is individually bagged, tagged and documented to ensure traceability.

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