1500 Series Cryogenic Ball Valve Applications

The cryogenic full port ball valve is a high performance product engineered to withstand extreme conditions. It’s used in such services as aerospace, cryogenic, food processing, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, and petro-chemical. End connections are NPT, butt weld, socket weld, flanged (150#, 300#, 600#) and seat materials are Teflon (PTFE), carbon filled Teflon, and Kel-F (PCTFE). This product has a full port ball, a critical component of the valve which allows no restriction through the ball orifice and the ability to open and close with 90 degree rotation. Features include optional extended/shortened bonnet lengths, bottom entry stem to prevent blow-out, a vent hole to relieve pressure in ball cavity, inter-changeable end connections, and encapsulated seats, seals, and body bolts with DOT approved washers. Stainless steel body bolts and stainless steel lockable levers are standard. Please contact us for more information on a cryogenic full port ball valve and how it can apply to your needs.

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