AVCO 2000 Series High Purity Ball Valves!

The 2000 Series pharmaceutical grade ball valve is a high performance and versatile product. Pharmaceutical grade valves are used in services such as biotech, clean steam, cleaning solutions, detergents, gas and air delivery, high purity gases, high purity water/oils, pharmaceutical, vacuum, and waxes. This product is ASME-BPE compliant and features include inter-changeable ends, ISO 5211 mounting pad, three piece design, tube OD bore, as well as 316L stainless steel body, ball, stem, and ends. The end connections are extended tube OD, short tube OD, socket weld tube OD, clamp ends, flush bottom tank pad, compression fitting (AVCO-LOK), and vacuum fitting. Options include cavity filled seats, purge ports, electro-polish, and mechanical polish to 10 Ra. Stainless steel body bolts and stainless steel lockable levers are standard. Please contact us for more information on pharmaceutical grade valves and how they can apply to your needs.

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