• AVCO 1100 Series
    3 Piece High Performance Ball Valve
  • AVCO 1500 Series
    Cryogenic Ball Valve

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Alloy Valves and Control, Inc. (AVCO) is a global leader in innovative engineered ball valves and instrumentation devices for all types of fluid flow conditions in the piping process market. AVCO's mission is to design, manufacture and integrate superior products to better serve our customers' demands and provide engineered solutions for some of the world's harshest operating conditions in piping.

AVCO's success comes from the ability to supply versatile products for all types of media and the attention to detail we pay each engineered component to create the final design, thus providing a long lasting and cost effective solution. AVCO continues to engineer high quality products and adhere to industry standards to be at the forefront of the wide variety of markets we serve.